Waterproof - AJA Cion 4K Test Footage

Waterproof - AJA Cion 4K Test Footage

(4K Test Footage)

 We went to test out our new camera, the AJA Cion 4K production camera, and cut the outdoor footage into a little short film. 

We shot in-studio footage against a white cyclorama and greenscreen at Gak Studio with a crew, and wanted to see if we could shoot run and gun, with only 1 camera operator, as a test. This was the result.

One of the shots that impressed us most was one where Zoe was silhouetted against a bright sunset sky; in post, we were able to take the ProRes444 footage, and grade it to bring back the midtones and reduce the highlights, so that colour detail in the image was shown nicely.

The camera creates edit-ready ProRes files that will save time and cost in post-production, removing the need to transcode footage (ProRes is native to FCPX), and the camera boasts a global shutter and a built-in IR filter, which helps create better-looking slow-motion (high fps) and greenscreen footage for keying. 

Footage was shot on our Zeiss CP.2 prime lens, in 4K resolution. To view the full 4K / UHD res, visit our page on Youtube.

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