Leavitt Machinery - 3D Animation TV Commercial Vancouver

Leavitt Machinery - 3D Animation TV Commercial Vancouver

(3D Animation)

Leavitt Machinery needed a completely 3D animated 30 second TV commercial to appear in their primetime broadcast slot during Canucks games on CBC and Sportsnet. Four pieces of material handling equipment were to be modeled, animated, and set in a virtual construction site. PPG handled all aspects of production, including writing, directing, sound design & editing all under a tight timeline.

As Jennifer Pambrun, Marketing Manager at Leavitt writes, "Working with PPG on the production of our TV commercial was a great success. From start to finish, Shawn and Paul were there to help and guide us with the best possible decisions for our project... I worked directly with Shawn and Paul for the duration of this project and was very satisfied with the final results. PPG were up to the challenge and worked night and day to get the project done on dealine."

Not only was the client happy with the results of our labour, we also received an Aegis Award and two DV Awards (including one for sound design) for it!

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