Cion Paired with new Xeen T1.5 Cine Primes for Plant a Seed Foundation shoot

 PPG had a fun, challenging shoot for Burnaby's Plant a Seed & See What Grows Foundation. We had 15 kids on-hand to film short segments to be used in an upcoming event in the new year.

PPG Featured in AJA User Story - and on Digital Video Magazine / Creative Planet

 It's been a busy and exciting month as PPG was recently interviewed on our experiences using AJA's 4K Cion Camera, for AJA's user stories, as well as Creative Planet's Digital Video Magazine (in print, and online). Stay tuned for more...


Shooting Greenscreen at Gak Studio - Tips on How to Light & a lighting diagram

 Recently, we shot interviews at Gak Studio using our new AJA Cion 4K camera; also included that week was an on-camera delivery by a local doctor, for Barcelona-based Nenisiwok.

Some screen shots are below. Since most modern CMOS-sensor cameras favour daylight colour temperature, we lit our interviews with daylight Kino Flo's, and a Joker 1200 HMI (and once, with a pair of Arri 575 HMI's). 

Tips for Shooting Video Using a White Cyclorama

 Recently, we shot several new promo pieces for Odenza Vacations, at Gak Studio. Odenza is a marketing and travel incentive company based in Burnaby, in Vancouver’s lower mainland. Gak is equipped with a 35’ white wraparound cyclorama, or infinity cove, and a lighting grid.

To create that Mac vs. PC TV commercial look, here’s how we lit it:

Rock-Solid Production Value in Vancouver Video Production

Do you want rock-solid video video productions, guided by real steadiness of vision?

Solid scripting, experienced video production company, insightful post-production guidance… awesome. But one tool you’ll need: a great tripod. Adequate camera support makes a difference between amateur, shaky footage that distracts from the message, and professional footage that allows you to focus on the content.

Online Video Streaming on the Rise

In an Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) study conducted this year (2013) by the panelists at, 58% of Americans are now streaming on-line videos, up a staggering 20% from a mere five years ago.

This means there's a shift happening in the way people are absorbing not only media, but also advertisements. The study showed an interesting trend in its sample:

Using new energy efficient technology in non-profit video production with LED Fresnel lights

Last week, PPG co-produced and co-DOP’d a public service announcement for Athletics for Kids, a non-profit located in North Vancouver that puts underprivileged kids into sports programs. One of the tools we used was a new 200 watt LED Fresnel light from Lumahawk, a Canadian distributor of lights manufactured in China.

Shot Designer helps PPG plan lighting setups

 Ok, we’re officially fans.

Hollywood Camera Work’s Shot Designer is an app that helps you coordinate shots on your production with ease. Built for the iPad and iPhone, Shot Designer lets you choose lighting fixtures, cameras and lenses, plan camera dolly movements, place actors and background talent, layout a basic set design, and attach reference photos.

Video Marketing - Attract 300% more traffic and nurture leads

Are you in love with bang-for-the-buck marketing?

Us too.

Marketing Sherpa has been putting out some great articles recently about video marketing, but Adam Sutton's recent article on Content Marketing really hits the nail on the head.

Drew Smith, Director on Online Marketing at Attivio, noted that videos prove more compelling watches for customers than reading multi-page whitepapers. 

Sutton's article noted that, since 2009, Smith's team has used video for employee training, building site traffic and nurturing leads. He wrote:

Makeup for Film and Video Production

Even in Vancouver, makeup in video production can be overlooked by production companies or businesses involved in a video project – and it is often incorrectly seen as a similar application to makeup for print or even live theatre.

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