Great Usage of Online Video: Century Group

I wish it was ours, but sadly, it isn’t. Still, you’ve got to pay respect where respect is due: Bravo to the Century Group, with whom PPG has been discussing new video solutions, for their clever use of online video on their home page here

A Lantern: It's a Beautiful Thing!

How do you light product videos for stainless steel fireplaces, which have (a) reflective glass, and (b) stainless steel on the interior and exterior, both of which indirectly reflect light sources from a multitude of angles?? This little tool has become a favourite solution for us: the Chimera lantern.

Socialized Business Strategy: Facebook Video Marketing & Video on Twitter

Here's an interesting new article from ReelSEO's daily postings, this one a nice primer on using video with Facebook. Click here to read the full article.

If you're not already aware, Facebook can store more then just photos; it can be a great way to share your company's video material with fans and friends.

Some of their key recommendations for Facebook video:

To Greenscreen or not to Greenscreen?

PPG recently completed shooting and editing of HR-focused videos for the Whistler Chamber of Commerce,, and a few other companies who are host to the Whistler Spirit 2010 conference, on behalf of keynote speaker Stuart Ellis-Myers of Uniquely Speaking. Stuart initially wanted a greenscreen shoot, so that the background could be replaced with some of Whistler’s stock tourism promo footage.

Great Uses for Motion Graphics & Animation

We’ve created a new corporate video for Odenza Marketing Group, a local travel incentive company. The new video features a healthy dose of motion graphics intercut with video interviews with Odenza's clients -- but why did we opt for motion graphics over traditional video footage captured on-camera?

Blast from the Past: Traditional Advertising Tips for Video

Former BBOT staffer and marketing blogger Jason Wong writes about traditional advertising methods in this recent blog post here -- and the article he mentions, from ad agency honcho David Ogilvy, gives interesting advice about creating television commercials. Although the information is at least 20-30 years old, some of the research they’ve done about testimonials still rings true today!

Video Gets Results

Video gets results, pure and simple.

More and more clients are realizing that they need to establish trust with visitors to their website quickly. A client testimonial, which is a great tool to build trust and loyalty, works infinitely better as a video than text on your website.

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