Award-Winning Video Production Company Gives a Caveat About Awards

Vancouver Video Production Company - Aegis Award

Ok, so we're a bit happy: we've won another Aegis Award (our 5th) for our production of Odenza Marketing's corporate video.

Big deal? Sure. But there are more important things to consider when looking at a prospective video production company other than their award hardware.

Here are a few caveats about video production awards:

Great Nerves-Free Performances from On-Camera Talent: How a Video Production Company Works with Talent

Working in the Vancouver area since 1990, we’ve put together a fair number of corporate videos, safety videos, and TV commercials where the talent on-camera may be company personnel or clients, not professional actors. How do we get them to manage nervousness and be comfortable on-camera?

Pricing and the Video Production Company Quote in Vancouver

Ever hired a service provider to do home services, and found that their bill was higher than the rate they quoted over the phone? Here’s some tips on how to avoid hiring a video production company in Vancouver that will give you surprise invoices, and how to make sure the quotes you’re getting are accurate and thorough:

The Future of the Video Production Company ? DSLRs versus HD Video Cameras

A lot has been made about the recent surge of DSLR (digital single lens reflex) cameras, like the Canon 5d Mark II and Canon 7d, which can shoot full resolution HD video, into the video world. The image quality is really good, depending on which lens you use, and the price for the body can be quite inexpensive ($1500 - $3000), which in the video world is dirt cheap!

A Video Production Company can Produce a Great Corporate Video - on a Low Budget

So, you’d like to make a corporate marketing video to promote your business, but perhaps budget is an issue? Here are a few tips on how to keep your costs down, while keeping production quality high and successfully meeting your communication objectives.

Voice-Over and the Corporate Video Production Company

When producing a corporate video or promotional video for business, you’re trying to tell a story about your company: the story behind its people, its product(s), or its services. Often when telling that story, a script may resort to using a voice-over.

You’ve got a few options when actually recording the voice-over:

Google, the iPhone, and Web Video

The desktop computer is going the way of the white elephant.

Acting Auditions -- Tips from the "Other Side"

Last week saw us cast three TV commercials and a corporate video for one of our clients. We had submissions from agencies, as well as direct applications from the actors themselves.

Here's a few thing to keep in mind when auditioning:

LED - The New Face of Lighting for Video

For the past few years, there's been a big change in the lighting side of video and film. Traditionally, large fixtures with high output were used on most productions, especially in a medium like filim, which requires stronger lighting to physically burn an image in the celluloid that's running through the camera.

B2B - Business to Business Video Marketing Tips

Here's a slew of great advice and tips for businesses looking to add real cache to their marketing efforts through business-to-business (B2B) video.

ReelSEO has published an article from David Murdico, a partner at an LA-based viral marketing agency.

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