Libel Laws

Media law is a subject that all video production companies are expected to understand and follow to avoid costly lawsuits for all parties involved: the production company, the clients and their companies, the writers and the producers. In a previous post, we discussed permits and releases, and this post will cover libel, so you know what to be aware of before starting production.

TV Commercial Advertising Tips -- for Small Businesses in Vancouver ?!

With video production underway for a new series of television commercials for Duradek in mind, we were reminded in a Financial Post article yesterday of how powerful television advertising can be for business... even small business.

Set Decoration is Key to Successful Video Production

Want to create a video production to promote your product? You can’t just point and shoot a great video. Thoughtful planning and outstanding execution is not only the ticket to award winning videos, but also the ticket to increased product sales. Minor details can make or break a production. Let’s look at set decorating, for instance.

Media Law: Our Video Production Company Saves You From Legal Headaches

When it comes to film and video production you’re better off to play it safe by covering all your bases surrounding media law. If you don’t want to get sued and if you’re smarter than a 5th grader, you realize you can’t just set-up production in a park and film passersby to save on paying for actors.

Promotional Video Productions Benefit Vancouver Lawyers and Law Firms

A recent study of online usage shows that the average person searching the web for a reputable lawyer would visit nearly 5 different law firms' websites before phoning one of them to enquire about their services. The same study showed that when the sites each featured a web video, the number of sites visited dropped to two...

Great Video Production Companies use Great Production Tools: the Dedolight

Vancouver has no shortage of video production equipment suppliers; when it comes to lighting, capturing sound, filming, and editing, we've got a wide range of tools at our disposal. One of our favorites is a light we recently used filming EPK material for AMC's second season of "The Killing" and for locally shot MOW "Taken Back."  In addition to our regular stand-by's (Kink Flo's, Arris, Litepanels, and HMI's), we brought along an exceptional light kit that we just love using: the Dedolight.

Producing an Industrial or Safety Video Production? 5 Key Tips to Remember

Pacific Producers Group has produced a new safety video for Kinder Morgan. Shot at its Vancouver Wharves Terminal, this project (which shared many similarities to our safety video for Fibreco a couple of years ago) brought up for us 5 key elements about industrial safety and employee orientation videos that are essential to your next production.

Stellar Sound for Your Next Corporate Video Production

It's the one thing that often gets overlooked, but yet is entirely crucial to your next corporate video production: sound. With the so much focus today on image, its easy to forget that audio is still 50% of your audience's experience of your corporate message.

We've put together an extensive sound kit for your next video production.

How Video Production Companies Can Deliver Ultimate Format Flexibility

Even though digital video formats have made post-production easier than analogue formats, digital video’s flexibility has been made more complex by the plethora of formats and storage options commonly in use.

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