Shooting Greenscreen at Gak Studio - Tips on How to Light & a lighting diagram

 Recently, we shot interviews at Gak Studio using our new AJA Cion 4K camera; also included that week was an on-camera delivery by a local doctor, for Barcelona-based Nenisiwok.

Some screen shots are below. Since most modern CMOS-sensor cameras favour daylight colour temperature, we lit our interviews with daylight Kino Flo's, and a Joker 1200 HMI (and once, with a pair of Arri 575 HMI's). 

We love using Kino's super-green tubes, which we've lit the cyc with (using Kino Image 40's). To control green spill on the talent, we use a Minus Green / Magenta gel on our backlights, and put down either Duvetyne or sound blanets on the floor. We also minimize the green a bit with a pair of brute flags (2x3's) to the right of frame.

Our lighting diagram is below as well.

If you're looking for a Vancouver or Burnaby company wanting interviews shot in studio, we'd be happy to get our experience to work for your project!


PPG - Gak Lighting Diagram

PPG on-set shot

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