Rock-Solid Production Value in Vancouver Video Production

Do you want rock-solid video video productions, guided by real steadiness of vision?

Solid scripting, experienced video production company, insightful post-production guidance… awesome. But one tool you’ll need: a great tripod. Adequate camera support makes a difference between amateur, shaky footage that distracts from the message, and professional footage that allows you to focus on the content.

If you don't need locked-off shots, a Steadicam, jib, or dolly are great tools, and even a shoulder-mount rig will help – but there are times when a tripod is the best option: product shots, sit-down interviews, or any footage that requires filming at a longer focal length (i.e. when full zoom is used on a zoom lens). Video cameras are vulnerable to instability, vibrations from nearby machines and other equipment, and choppy movement. Tripod resonance is a source of image-blurring—this usually happens with cheaper models—which leads to a time-consuming trial and error process. An operator has to test for leg resonance by giving the lens a tap; the legs can be felt with a light touch to see if they resonate. Tripod resonance can be minimized through added weight, but this process can take unnecessary time out of your day.

Our tripod of choice? A Miller Arrow 40 Sprinter II 2-Stage Carbon fiber Tripod. A mouthful, wasn’t it? So how does the Miller Arrow Sprinter II Tri-pod save our clients time and money?

• Quick setup and adjustment
• Adjustable counterweighted tension, allows for different pan and tilt speeds
• Convenient to move around
• Stable and reliable
• Accommodates different weights, up to 36 pounds – for larger professional cameras

The Miller Arrow makes shooting videos easier by designing the locks on the upper portion of the tri-pod’s legs; which means an operator can make adjustments quickly without having to bend down. And the Miller Arrow can handle more weight than conventional tripods: a matte box, follow focus, lens, battery, and on-camera monitor can add significant weight to your camera. Make no bones about it. Shaky footage creates added costs the client picks up, because unusable footage is just that: unusable.

Pacific Producers Group values our client’s satisfaction. We realize how frustrating surprise costs, retakes, and imperfect videos can be and we eliminate these hassles through the experience we’ve obtained over the past 30 years. We’ve learned to value efficiency over low-cost equipment, integrity and reputation over a quick buck. And just like the tripod we use, we too deliver rock solid production value.

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