Video Marketing - Attract 300% more traffic and nurture leads

Are you in love with bang-for-the-buck marketing?

Us too.

Marketing Sherpa has been putting out some great articles recently about video marketing, but Adam Sutton's recent article on Content Marketing really hits the nail on the head.

Drew Smith, Director on Online Marketing at Attivio, noted that videos prove more compelling watches for customers than reading multi-page whitepapers. 

Sutton's article noted that, since 2009, Smith's team has used video for employee training, building site traffic and nurturing leads. He wrote:

"Although not the only cause of the increase, site traffic spiked after the team started regularly posting videos. Attivio's site now receives about:

  • 200% to 300% more monthly unique visitors
  • 100% longer average time-on-site per visitor (another one to two minutes)
  • 3-minute average time spent on pages with videos
  • 1-minute 30-second average time spent on pages without videos

Over the last 18 months compared to the 18 months prior, the team achieved:

  • 157% increase in search engine traffic
  • 100% increase in unique visitors
  • 63% increase in page views"

The conclusion? Videos that are compelling (and engage their audience while giving information they're looking for) keep people coming back to the site. That's great marketing business sense for any business out there. 

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